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Police Officer Making DUI Arrest: Sutton & Lovette Drug Defense

Defense Against DUI Charges

If convicted, Driving under the Influence can result in loss of your driver’s license and a permanent criminal record. Sutton & Lovette can provide you with the best possible legal defense.

Arrested for Drug Possession: Sutton & Lovette Drug Defense
Defense Against Drug Charges

Drug charges are a serious matter with serious consequences, such as jail time, fines, loss of your driver’s license, and more. Do not face the legal system alone. Call Sutton and Lovette for expert legal help.

Handcuffed Suspect: Arrested for Criminal Offense
Defense Against Criminal Charges

You do not have to face criminal charges alone.  If you are worried about who will speak for you, call Sutton & Lovette. One of our experienced attorneys will meet with you face to face.

Sutton & Lovette Expungement of Criminal Record

Criminal Record Expungements
and Applications for Governor’s Pardon

You may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged, that is erased or sealed, so it is not visible to potential employers or to the general public. In some cases, Governor’s Pardons are possible. Ask Sutton & Lovette for legal assistance.

Signing Sutton & Lovette Civil Litigation Agreement
General Civil Litigation

Civil Law generally includes covers contracts of all kinds, such as rental agreements, leases, set-up of a business, employment contracts, and so on. Sutton & Lovette has special expertise in contract disputes. If you need a legal contract prepared or if you must dispute a contract, contact Sutton & Lovette.

Sad Children: Family Law Custody Suit
Family Law

From prenuptial agreements to divorce proceedings, child custody arrangements, and protection from abuse orders, Attorneys Lovette & Sutton offer compassionate, and when needed, aggressive legal representation. Call Sutton & Lovette if you need legal help in a family law matter. Initial consultation is free.

Car Crash: PennDOT Traffic Violation
Traffic Violations & PennDOT Appeals

If you are faced with a serious traffic violation, you need legal help to prevent conviction and possible loss or suspension of your driver’s license.

House Sold: Sutton & Lovette Real Estate Transfer
Real Estate

From deeds to mortgages, if you are buying or selling real estate, whether a residence, a commercial property, or undeveloped land, Sutton & Lovette can prepare and file all legal documents you may need.

Wheelchair Crossing Roadway: Personal Injury Claim
Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a accident, there may be traumatic pain, inconvenience and loss of income. Contact Sutton & Lovette before you provide any statements or speak with an insurance company.

Cemetery with Rest in Peace Gravestone: Estate Planning
Estate Planning & Administration

Life is unpredictable. Be prepared. Attorneys Sutton & Lovette can draw up and file wills and trusts, guardianship and estate agreements and more. Make sure your last wishes are honored. Don’t push it off. Get started today.

Attorney Joe Sutton in Cambria County Courtroom

Joseph J. Sutton, Esquire

Joseph J. Sutton is a native of Cambria County, Pennsylvania where he currently resides with his wife and children.  Attorney Sutton is a graduate of Bishop Carroll High School, Mount Aloysius College, and the Penn State Dickinson School of law.

Attorney Sutton has been practicing law in the civil and criminal Courts in west and central Pennsylvania since 2014. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar.  Attorney Sutton is Adjunct Professor of Criminal Law at Mount Aloysius College educating students in all aspects of criminal law, criminal procedure, and the criminal court process.

Attorney Sutton is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment and an avid outdoorsman and family man.

Member, Cambria County Bar Association and PA Bar Association
Member, Cambria County Bar Association
Attorney John Lovette in Cambria County Courtroom

John B. Lovette, III, Esquire

John B. Lovette is a native of Johnstown, Pennsylvania where he currently resides with his wife and child.  Attorney Lovette is a graduate of Westmont Hilltop High School, Penn State University, and the Ohio Northern School of Law.

Attorney Lovette has been practicing law in the civil and criminal courts of Pennsylvania since 2006 and is admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar, Cambria County Bar Association, and Federal Court of the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Attorney Lovette is a member of the Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church and is a school board member of Bishop McCort Catholic Academy.

Member, Cambria County Bar Association and PA Bar Association
Member, Cambria County Bar Association