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Expunge Criminal Records
Apply for Governor’s Pardon

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You may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged, that is erased or sealed, so it is not visible to potential employers or to the general public:

  • IF You have completed ARD for a first offense DUI
  • IF You have completed ARD for a non-violent criminal charge
  • IF you have a summary conviction which is at least five years old
  • IF you have certain misdemeanor offenses on your record, and you have been conviction free for 10 years

If you have convictions which cannot be expunged or sealed, you may be eligible to apply for a Governor’s Pardon through the PA Board of Pardons. Then, if your application for a Governor’s Pardon is approved, you may be eligible to have more serious misdemeanors and even felony records expunged.

Attorneys Sutton & Lovette can guide you through the expungement or the pardons process. Contact our office to learn more about what is possible in your case.

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Expunge Records.
Apply for Pardon.
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Don’t let a prior mistake affect your future potential for employment, second amendment rights, rights to travel abroad, or even coach your kid’s soccer team.  Contact Attorneys Sutton & Lovette for a chance at a clean slate. Initial consultation is free.