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Traffic Violations
& PennDOT Appeals

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Attorneys Sutton & Lovette have defended many private individuals, including professional truck drivers, who have been charged with traffic violations in a District Magistrate Court of Pennsylvania.

When facing a traffic violation, you need competent representation to prevent convictions which could lead to:

  • Points on your driving record
  • Increased insurance costs
  • Suspension or loss of commercial driver’s license

Contact Attorneys Sutton & Lovette if you have been charged with a traffic violation or are facing any issue with PENNDOT. The initial consultation is free.

Traffic Violations
PennDOT Appeals

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Attorney Joe Sutton

With  traffic violations and PennDOT appeals, knowing the right thing to say is crucial. Attorneys Sutton & Lovette have the experience and legal expertise you may need to negotiate the legal bureaucracy. Your initial consultation is free.