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Family Law

Family matters can get complicated. Nothing should be more important to you than your family and their well-being. Attorneys Sutton & Lovette have years of professional experience litigating cases relating to family law. We offer representation that is both aggressive and compassionate to your specific situation. Legal representation can and often does affect the outcome of family law cases. We handle cases relating to the following family law matters:

  • Protection from Abuse (civil restraining orders)
  • Child Custody
  • Pre-Martial Agreements
  • Divorce Through Marriage Settlement Agreements
  • Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights
  • Petitions for Name Changes
  • Petitions for Name Change of Minor Child

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Family Law
Attorney John Lovette

Attorney John Lovette

Our goal is to give you the best possible legal advice and representation in any family law hearings or courtroom cases. We regularly attend professional legal training to ensure that we are current on all aspects of divorce, child custody, and protection from abuse issues. If you find yourself facing a serious family law issue, call immediately.